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Subject: Re: [office] Unicode relative spaces -- Was,proposal for new position and space attributes for the list level

Hi Marbux

Thanks for the clarification.

I played around a bit with emspaces inserted into the text-content of an 
ODF file in OpenOffice.org and it seemed to work well. So the default 
font-face that I used obviously had the proper metrics and such.

marbux wrote:
> On adding support for the em-based system of measurement to the spec,
> I'm not sure  I understand your question as to reference size. For the
> currently selected font, the reference size would be the horizontal
> width equal to the font's vertical type size in points, exclusive of
> any vertical padding between lines. So in 9 point type the em is 9
> points wide, in 18 point type it is 18 points wide, etc.

With reference-size, I meant the actual point-size with which the 
em-space gets rendered when the document is viewed. This is obvious in 
some parts of documents like paragraph. So if there was a feature to 
specify the leading indent of a paragraph in em-spaces, the actual size 
of the space would result from the font-size attribute of the 

For other parts of a document, this is more difficult. For instance page 
margins - There is not normally a font-size associated with a page. 
Paragraph styles are associated with master-page styles which are linked 
to page-layouts, but not the other way round (see sect. 2.8, 14.3 and 14.4).

I can see how em-based horizontal measurements can be useful in text 
documents. However, just calling to allow them wherever cm, in, pt etc. 
are allowed is not feasible. From reading your clarifications I can see 
that you don't want to do this.


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