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Subject: Re: [office] CJK enhancement

Hi Michael,

thanks for the feedback. I'll see whether I can get some screenshots/samples from our Chinese language expert we can include in the final spec.


>>> Michael Brauer <Michael.Brauer@Sun.COM> 02/23/07 3:43 PM >>>
Hi Florian,

Florian Reuter wrote:
> Hi,
> please find attached the latest version of the CJK enhancement proposal. It's updated according to the consensus
> achieved in the last work call.

Thank you very much for the proposal. I have only a few questions:

- The “grid square mode” algorithm you refer to is the one defined in 
section 15.2.21 for the value "both". The new 
"style:layout-grid-standard-mode" specifies what happens if the 
"style:layout-grid-mode" attribute has the value "both". Is that correct?
- I currently don't understand the following paragraph, because I could 
not find the settings it refers to:
  "The type area has the most high priority, it will determine the 
height of line; the “Lines per page” setting has the second priority, 
and “Characters per line” setting can only determine the width of 
characters, and can't influence line height in anyway."
My impression is that it rephrases what has been said before and may be 
- Can you provide a sentence or two what "snap to grid" actually means.

I think all three question can be answered in the call on Monday (but of 
cause also on the mailing list), and therefore will add the proposal to 
the list of proposal we can consider to vote about.

Some other item that is missing is the definition of a 
default-page-style. If it is okay for you and the group, I will add it 
while integrating the proposal into the specification when it has been 

> ~Florian

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