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Subject: Re: [office] right-angled-axes: was Re: [office] proposals for charts:reverse-direction, right-angled-axes, group-bars-per-axis

Patrick Durusau wrote:
>> Right-angled-axes
>>  ...
> Does this have the same effect as the dr3d:projection attribute found in 
> 9.4.1 Scene?
> Noting that 9.4.1 is cited by the current 10.5.1.

Here is some more explanation from the chart team...

It's different in effect but related. Having dr3d:projection set to
parallel makes 'parallel' lines. Setting chart:right-angled-axes to true
should produce right angles.
But in fact if setting right-angled-axes to true the values for
dr3d:projection would be ignored.
So one could think of expanding the values for dr3d:projection offering
an additional value 'right-angled' or similar.

dr3d:projection is parallel or perspective, the basic viewing modes for
3d projection (there are some more in the parallel tree, see Foley et
  When You look at a 3d scene from the front and use non-rotated 
objects, the Lines of the shapes which are parallel to X and Y 
respectively will build a right angle in parallel and perspective 
projection mode. I think the 'right-angled' has nothing to do with the 
perspective projection mode, but with the orientations used in the scene 
geometry itself. This is no new mode for perspective projections. 
Remember: this is the mathematical projection between the camera 
coordinate system and the
2d view coordinate system.

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