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Subject: Re: [office] [Fwd: Re: [pr] Help for a marketing and technical message]

PIcking up on a couple of these points.

On 09/04/07, Thomas Zander <zander@kde.org> wrote:

> We are basically talking about;
> http://testsuite.opendocumentfellowship.org/summary.html
> Which is part of;
> http://testsuite.opendocumentfellowship.org/

> The test suite is an initiative of Intel which hired several people last
> year to write tests (based on the specification) and test the two main
> ODF implementations for compliance. I did the proofing of tests and
> testing of KOffice as well as automation of  the framework. So I have at
> minimum read each test and compared it to the actual spec. :-)

I'm curious what steer Intel gave these people. Seemingly to test
by assessing the man machine interface?

> * ODF focuses on long term storage and openness of data. Never loose sight
> of that. Specifying how features work before the different
> implementations (re)invent the wheel in different sizes is in line with
> that thought.

This is my point of interest. Do the various implementations lay down on disk
XML that is 'compliant' (clearer definition needed) with ODF, for each feature.

As each implementation evolves over time the one constant should be the
XML laid down on disk, and given some piece of XML valid to the ODF schema
will it be presented appropriately to a user.

Has any work been done in this area please?


Dave Pawson

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