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Subject: Re: [office] List Proposal Vote Deadline on Wednesday

On Friday 04 May 2007 11:41:37 marbux wrote:
> > If there are features in ODF that MS does not have, how do you think
> > the ODF TC should behave?
> > Since that is exactly what you are asking here, you are asking for us
> > to not add features that WW can't handle as that might mean that docs
> > created in OOo etc can't be coverted to WW.
> No, I am asking for a commitment to determine if the problem in fact
> exists as Gary says and to fix the problem if it does, before ODF 1.2
> is released from the TC

Lets take a look at the issue from the other side, for a moment, please.
For the last 5 months several people on this list have worked hard to make 
the lists proposal to everyones satisfaction.  In that time not one 
substantial claim of limiting interoperability came up. If it did, we 
would have addressed it. You have to realize that we deal in facts, not 
innuendo or hearsay. We have to, this is a technical committee, afterall.

Now you come up with hand waving saying that there are some people that 
complained. I have not seen those complaints and I surely have not seen 
any technical arguments / examples.

I agreed that its worth investigating any problems, and offer to do so.

Then you start threatening.

This thread ends.
Thomas Zander

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