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Subject: Re: [office] List Proposal Vote Deadline on Wednesday

On Saturday 05 May 2007 07:30:42 marbux wrote:
> > this is the discussion list of the OASIS OpenDocument TC. We should
> > treat ourselves with respect on this mailing list and should trust
> > our TC colleagues. We further should abstain from putting pressure on
> > other TC members and should be careful with accusations.
> Oh, should that trust of our TC colleagues extend to the reps of
> companies who secretly complain to OASIS about the OpenDocument
> Foundation having too many participants on the TC? Or to TC colleagues
> who use their position as TC chairman to ensure that no new features
> get added to the ODF specification that their company isn't willing to
> support? Or to TC colleagues willing to break their competitors' app
> by ramming their proposal through without consensus, despite this TC
> never before having done so before?  Or to TC colleagues so hell-bent
> on breaking interoperability with the software -- used (by various
> estimates) by between 72 and 90 per cent of the office productivity
> software users on this planet -l- that they're willing to leave their
> potential customers with no choice but to violate the law if they
> adopt their software?

Marbux (/ Paul M.)

above you make a lot of accusations about a lot of people, without any 
I could go for (multiple) slander of name, but as you so nicely pointed 
out that your public reputation is 'on the line' I think you just gave us 
all we need to make clear to the public that you are just being very 
childish and insulting everyone that does not share your world view.

So, I kindly suggest you stop your efforts and accept the majority vote.
Thomas Zander

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