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Subject: Re: [office] good bye

Duane Nickull wrote:
> On the other hand, OASIS is an organization that has to pay bills and
> operate with an impartial and balanced set of rules.  They cannot pay their
> bills with contributions and good will alone.  They do need $$.

Absolutely. In addition, OASIS must also have rules to ensure fairness, 
for example, by not letting one organization dominate any given TC. I 
should note, however, that a non-profit organization like the 
OpenDocument Foundation does pay a membership fee. A non-profit does not 
get a free ride at OASIS.

I don't know how much the ODF Foundation pays for membership. Judging 
from this page:


My guess would be that it's either $1,100 or $3,200. That's enough to 
cover either 4 or 8 individual memberships respectively. I believe that 
it would be fair enough for the non-profit to be allowed as many 
representatives as their fee would cover if that money were reused for 
individual memberships. I believe that this is a more reasonable balance 
between the two extremes of either allowing a non-profit to have an 
arbitrary number of representatives or only allowing two 
representatives. I doubt that anyone would argue that this is unfair to 

I hope that OASIS representatives will consider this alternative.

Thank you for listening.

Best wishes,
Daniel Carrera.

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