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Subject: citations, fields and metadata

Apropos of the metadata discussion, I had an action item to determine 
what to do with the already approved citation field.


My conclusion is that we drop it in favor of the generic new 

Explanation is below, in a response I sent to one of the OOo dev lists.

Clearly we will need to discuss this as part of the broader metadata 


Begin forwarded message:

> Date: June 8, 2007 7:38:01 AM EDT
> To: dev@sw.openoffice.org
> Subject: Re: [sw-discussion] Word fields
> Hi Mathias,
> On Jun 8, 2007, at 6:42 AM, Mathias Bauer wrote:
>> I thought that's what we have already agreed upon,
> Just wanted to be sure, since things have evolved since our previous 
> discussions :-)
> I also wanted to make clear that text:meta-field can solve some of 
> these interoperability problems.
>> moreover my impression was that besides the general meta-field stuff 
>> there will be
>> an explicit support for citations.
> It depends what you mean by "explicit support for citations." If you 
> mean in code, then sure.
> If, OTOH, you are talking about the ODF citation field Daniel 
> Vogelheim and I designed, then no.
> In talking about this with the metadata subcommittee, we have come to 
> the conclusion this is not a good idea. The text:meta-field is 
> sufficient to implement robust citation support, and introducing 
> another field for that means it is less likely to be supported in 
> different ODF implementations.
> This is already a problem with the existing bibliographic support, 
> where AFAIK, only OOo supports it. KOffice apparently just throws out 
> the fields IIRC.
> With text:meta-field, we have a very high likelihood of it being 
> widely implemented, at least for display.
> As for the potential issue of a lack of standard approach to doing 
> citations, we have discussed the idea for the TC to issue informative 
> notes of sorts that demonstrate best practice for a given use case. 
> So, for example, we would issue one for citations. If it needed to be 
> folded into the ODF spec proper later, that could happen too. That 
> gives the flexibility of the generic field and metadata support, but 
> also guidelines for smooth interoperability.
> This is my current understanding. The TC will be discussing the 
> metadata proposal starting on Monday, and I have told them we will 
> discuss the citation use case as a part of that discussion. So we'll 
> resolve it for sure then.
> Bruce

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