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Subject: citation example

While waiting on the more comprehensive examples document, here's the 
promised citation example that will illustrate:

1. the new field
2. registering files in the manifest, and
3. the binding mechanism.

Svante, please feel to correct me if I have a detail wrong.

Moving on ...

A citation is an ordered list of references to sources. It may be 
represented in a number of different styles, and must be able to be 

So user adds a citation to their document with two references. They use 
an APA style, and it displays like:

     (Doe, 1999:23; Smith, 2000)

In the content file, then, we have a nested field; something like:

<text:meta-field xml:id="citation-1">
   (<text:meta-field xml:id="citation-1-r1">
     Doe, 1999
   <text:meta-field xml:id="citation-1-r2">
     Smith, 2000

Now, we have to hook up our RDF/XML to these fields to the RDF.

First, we define two RDF graphs (files) and register them in the 
manifest. Within that, we add a binding to associate content with a 
stable URI, which we can use to make further statements about (note: 
this is an abbreviated manifest file just for illustration):

<odf:Package rdf:about="urn:uuid:224ab023-77b8-4396-a75a-8cecd85b81e3"
     <odf:MetadataFile odf:path="citation.rdf">
     <odf:MetadataFile odf:path="bibliography.rdf"/>

So we're dealing with four files now:


Note: I have omitted the rdf:RDF wrapper and associated namespace 
declarations in these RDF/XML examples below.

Second, within the citation.rdf file we have the following to encode 
the field "instructions":

   <dcterms:source rdf:resource="urn:isbn:23983487"/> <!-- to specify 
the ID/URI for the source -->
   <odf:position>1</odf:position> <!-- to track position within the list 
of references -->

   <dcterms:source rdf:resource="urn:isbn:12902189"/>

Finally, within the bibliography.rdf file we store the raw source 
metadata (for one; I've omitted the other because I'm in a hurry!):

<b:Document rdf:about="urn:isbn:23983487">
   <dcterms:creator rdf:resource="http://ex.net/people#jane"/>
   <dc:title>Some Book Title</dc:title>
   <dcterms:publisher rdf:resource="http://ex.net"/>

<vcard:VCard rdf:about="http://ex.net/people#jane";>
<!-- note, here, we're using vcard; this could be stored in a 
contacts.rdf if one wanted -->
   <vcard:sort-string>Smith, Jane</vcard:sort-string>
<!-- obviously could encode much more -->

<vcard:VCard rdf:about="http://ex.net/people#jane";>
   <vcard:fn>ABC Books</vcard:fn>
<!-- obviously could encode much more -->

Any questions?


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