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Subject: Re: [office] citation example

Thanks for the nice example, Bruce!

Just one minor clarification for the others about the RDF in the user 
metadata files:

The odf:Reference and odf:position are not part of the metadata 
proposal. Please take the used odf: prefix as a typo.
The odf prefix related namespace 
http://docs.oasis-open.org/opendocument/meta/package# is only being used 
to express the binding mechanism and the namespace should not be 
expanded by user metadata (RDF/XML files).


Bruce D'Arcus wrote:
> Note: I have omitted the rdf:RDF wrapper and associated namespace 
> declarations in these RDF/XML examples below.
> Second, within the citation.rdf file we have the following to encode 
> the field "instructions":
> <odf:Reference rdf:about="urn:uuid:afdc453c-5dc8-4988-8dab-fc378bd9e73d">
>   <dcterms:source rdf:resource="urn:isbn:23983487"/> <!-- to specify 
> the ID/URI for the source -->
>   <odf:position>1</odf:position> <!-- to track position within the 
> list of references -->
>   <cite:pages>23</cite:pages>
> </odf:Reference>

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