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Subject: Re: [office] Recommendation to deprecate the is-subtable attribute

On 19/06/07, David A. Wheeler <dwheeler@dwheeler.com> wrote:

> I do NOT agree that "is-subtable" should be deprecated.  I think that subtables are an important GOOD feature of ODF.

Important to whom, and for what?

> Instead, the problem appears to be that some ODF implementations do not provide sufficient control and discoverability of subtables when contrasted with cell spanning.

For accessibility? have you tried it? With what AT?

> I suggest that the accessibility group work with implementors to find a better way to control and reveal subtables vs. spanning, and then document best practices for implementation user interfaces.

Find a piece of access technology that can grok your subtables
and we'll do that.

> Why should subtables continue to exist? Here are a few reasons:
> * Subtables are necessary for capturing the correct semantics of many existing documents, including those written in HTML and Docbook.

What has that to do with ODF and accessibility?
Thats an transform issue.

> * MANY existing OpenDocument tables use subtables.

And hence miss a portion of the audience through lack of accessibility.

> * As practical matter, subtables are really useful for expressing formats and their relationships and are NOT simply "another way to do spans".

And there's me thinking the xml markup was semantic.
Ah well.

> * The lack of subtable support is a known serious weakness in Microsoft XML,

And you want to keep down with M$?

I want to provide equal access for all, to ODF documents.

I hope you remain TAB.


Dave Pawson

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