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Subject: Re: [office] xml:lang settings. Confused.

On Jun 25, 2007, at 9:31 AM, David Faure wrote:

> So I think the latin/CTL/asian split is a hack -- a half-solution  
> which doesn't fully solve the
> problem and only makes it more complicated. I would wish it out of the  
> ODF spec
> (KOffice certainly doesn't have such a weird split), but then people  
> will say again
> that we are against interoperability with microsoft....


So what would you propose as a better solution?

Also, how well does the current "hack" handle the issue this user  


So the issue they point out is that they often mix Latin, Hebrew,  
Greek, etc. within a single text [this is a scholar], but that existing  
software does a pretty poor job handling it. As a result, it seems,  
they are forced to manually switch fonts and font-sizes to get the  
right glyphs and presentation.

If this is unrelated, just ignore it. Just thought it might have some  


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