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Subject: Re: [office] merging nested tables with surrounding table

On Wednesday 27 June 2007 13:26:12 Lars Oppermann wrote:
> I think it would be possible to define a table style property in ODF,
> which specifies, that a surrounding cell border becomes the outer
> border for a nested table. I am unsure whether there is realy a
> requirement for such a feature as rowspan/colspan can be used to
> achieve the same visual result.

Hmm, not sure if this mixes very well with the "Collapsing border 
model" [1]

In this model the border should be 50% in the one cell and 50% in the 
other cell.  Which will get very complex and weird with the suggested 
model as the underlying model gets abused quite a lot if it has to do 
what the user expects.  That is; act like the B1 actually has a colspan 
of 2.

We should accept that when the user actually means to use colspan/rowspan 
from a user interface perspective we should make the tools to handle that 
more intelligent so its not too cumbersome compared to subtables.
Altering the fileformat to allow a workaround (the subtables structuring) 
to be saved seems wrong in my book.

Thomas Zander

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