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Subject: Re: [office] Proposal for modification of preview image description

On Tuesday 31 July 2007 21:11:13 Patrick wrote:
> > Sorry, your logic is lost on me. :(

> No, because the 1 size preview is exactly what I got from the other
> user. He made a choice that I cannot change.

Ah, in that case I agree with you. One thing that is relevant is a small 
reversal of roles; the embedded thumbnail size will never be the choice 
of the user *receiving* the document.  Irrelevant of the wording of the 
Instead, it will always be defined by the writing ODF implementation.

So, we are talking about what your friend would write out; would we change 
the spec. If he is on a Windows machine it might be a 32x32 image, when 
he is on KDE it might be a 128x128 image.  And naturally when you get 
that document you have to live with whatever the original authors 
application wrote.
So, as you dislike being stuck with what the other user decided, we agree 
that letting that user have a choice is a bad thing.

And this is exactly why having a high-res thumb requirement is a good 
idea; so the other user can't decide on a low-res one for you which you 
are stuck with.
Thomas Zander

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