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Subject: Re: [office] Legal child elements of <table:table-cell> in spreadsheet applications

Hi Kohei,

On Thursday, 2007-08-09 20:36:25 -0400, Kohei Yoshida wrote:

> <define name="text-content">
> 	<choice>
> 		<ref name="text-h"/>
> 		<ref name="text-p"/>
> 		<ref name="text-list"/>
> 		<ref name="text-numbered-paragraph"/>
> 		<ref name="table-table"/>
> 		<ref name="draw-a"/>
> 		<ref name="text-section"/>
> 		<ref name="text-soft-page-break"/> 
> 		<ref name="text-table-of-content"/>
> 		<ref name="text-illustration-index"/>
> 		<ref name="text-table-index"/>
> 		<ref name="text-object-index"/>
> 		<ref name="text-user-index"/>
> 		<ref name="text-alphabetical-index"/>
> 		<ref name="text-bibliography"/>
> 		<ref name="shape"/>
> 		<ref name="change-marks"/>
> 	</choice>
> </define>
> But are all of these really allowed as child elements of
> <table:table-cell>, especially in a spreadsheet application?

While current iplementations usually don't know how to handle all of
these, especially the text-*-index elements aren't of much use in
a spreadsheet cell, I don't see a technical reason why we shouldn't
allow them in the file format.

> While it may make sense to allow them in a table cell in a word
> processor application (which is also represented by the
> <table:table-cell> tag), I'm not so sure about allowing all of them in a
> cell inside a spreadsheet application.

If an implementation wants to support full-blown text processor
capabilities inside a spreadsheet table cell, why not?

> And the text part of the
> aforementioned section is rather ambiguous about whether there is any
> differentiation in the definition of <table:table-cell> between word
> processor and spreadsheet applications.

AFAIK there isn't.

> For instance, what is an ODF-supporting spreadsheet application supposed
> to do when it sees a <table:table> element as a child element of
> <table:table-cell>?

Current implementations should indicate an error or warning, none
supports tables in cells. Note also that the formula draft in section
"5.8 References" defines a syntax that explicitly allows to reference
nested tables:

SheetLocator ::= SheetName ("." SubtableCell)*
SubtableCell ::= ( Column Row ) | QuotedSheetName


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