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Subject: Re: [office] Proposal: To add default value for draw:auto-grow-height,draw:auto-grow-width,fo:wrap-option,style:flow-with-text

Zhi Yu Yue wrote:

> The following proposal aims to add default value for several attributes 
> in the graphic properties, respectively "fo:wrap-option", 
> "draw:auto-grow-height", and "draw:auto-grow-width". Currently, there is 
> no default value defined for these attributes. It will cause ambiguity 
> when there is no such property specified in the graphic-properties. 

I'd be careful about relying on default values. RELAX NG does not -- by 
design -- include formal support for default values. To quote James 
Clark [1]:

"9. Another problematic area in W3C XML Schema is the support for
infoset augmentation, such a default attributes.  Experience with XML
1.0 has, I believe, shown that this is not a good feature to include
in a schema language.  Apart from being a violation of modularity, it
tends to cause interoperability problems, because it leads to the
possibility of the application getting different information depending
on whether or not validation has been performed.  RELAX NG, by
contrast, never changes the information that an application receives.
It specifies purely what is valid and what is invalid."

Maybe it's not an issue here, but just wanted to point it out.


[1] <http://www.imc.org/ietf-xml-use/mail-archive/msg00217.html>

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