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Subject: proposal; new property to store cap-style.

In vector graphics it is common to set two properties to change the way a 
line is drawn.  One is the line join style, which is represented in ODF 
via the draw:stroke-linejoin and the other property is the cap style.
The latter is not represented and the KOffice drawing app has support for 
this feature in the old fileformat and requested support in ODF as well.

Can we add something like this:

<define name="style-graphic-properties-attlist" combine="interleave">
		<attribute name="draw:stroke-linecap">

The 'butt' should be default, should the attribute not be given, I'm not 
sure if I can do that in the xml above.
ps. this follows the svg option SVG CAP STYLE

Thomas Zander

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