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Subject: Re: [office] Default values

On Monday 24 September 2007 17:29:13 Patrick Durusau wrote:
> One quick comment on the "default" values in the RELAX-NG schema.
> While Michael is correct about the status of those "default" values from
> a RELAX-NG perspective, to what degree are those values normative for an
> implementation of ODF?

Default values should be defined on XML level. This means that if I have an 
attribute that it has a default value, but an element should not have a 
default value.

Or, more specifically;

<foo bar="1">

1) you can define that 'bar' if omitted has the default value of "1". Meaning 
that the above is exactly the same as:
2) you can not define an element to be implied present. So you can not shorten 
the xml fragment in some way to omit the <baz/> element. If its not there, 
that means the functionality is not present.

> In other words, if the default value of table:print is "true," is a
> conforming ODF application required to print all tables?

More specifically;  when you save a document you can omit the attribute 
table:print when its value is true.
So a user that marked a table as non-printing would always have to result in 
an attribute in the XML like table:print="false".

Or, in other words, is allows for shorter XMLs by allowing the apps to not 
write attributes which have the default value and at the same time it allows 
for backwards compatibility when a tag is not present in a previous version 
of ODF.

Hope that clears up the usage of default values. :)
Thomas Zander

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