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Subject: Request for TC approval of our ODF Accessibility Guidelines documentas a "Committee Draft"

Dear TC members,

As the co-chair of the OASIS OpenDocument accessibility subcommittee - 
and on behalf of that subcommittee - I would like to request your review 
of our version 1.0 candidate draft of our ODF Accessibility Guidelines, 
and your recognition and approval of it as a Committee Draft document.  
We feel our work is (long since) done, having incorporated those 
comments we received from TC members after the TC discussed our last 
draft - subcommittee draft #1 - in the July 23rd TC meeting.

Please see:

for the list of those comments and the creation of subcommittee draft #2.

Since the subcommittee draft #2, we have made just a few changes to 
create the final draft candidate at:

The sole change we have made since the subcommittee draft #2 are:
 1. Changes to the front pages to indicate the appropriate URIs for the 
document, an appropriate title for its status as a Committee Draft 
document, and the appropriate status of those members of the 
subcommittee who are listed as Individual members (and not affiliated 
with an organization for their OASIS membership)
 2. Changes to the OASIS notice to use the current one
 3. Glossary entry changes to: "Braille display" (removed the Wikipedia 
reference), "GTK+" (made the language a bit more formal), 
"Relationships" (added a period to the end of the sentence), 
"Synchronized media" (removed the URL reference), "Universal Access API" 
(properly referenced Apple as an Incorporated entity), and "XUL" 
(clarified that it is a markup language rather than a specification)
 4. Updated the Appendix A Acknowledgments to recognize, as we did in 
the front matter, those contributers whose membership status is as 
"Individuals" vs. from a company/organization.

Thank you,

Peter Korn
Accessibility Architect,
Sun Microsystems, Inc.
Co-chair of the OASIS OpenDocument Accessibility subcommittee

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