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Subject: Re: [office] Clarification for frame formatting propertystyle:flow-with-text

Hi Thomas,

Thomas Zander wrote:
> On Monday 17 September 2007 12:32:20 Oliver-Rainer Wittmann - Software 
> Engineer - Sun Microsystems wrote:
>> reviewing our OpenDocument specification draft 6 I recognized, that
>> OpenOffice.org has a more detailed view of the frame formatting
>> property style:flow-with-text than our OpenDocument specification has.
> Oliver,
> can you propose an exact wording to add to the spec?
Yes, I can.
Probably, this is the best to do, because I think that due to the used 
wording and terms a lot of confusion occurs. I will work this out in the 
next days.

Can you in the meanwhile reply to/comment my posts:

>>  If no next corresponding layout
>> environment exists, typical for page header/footer area, the object is
>> captured inside its layout environment.
> I have been especially surprised by your usage of the word "captured" 
> which you later replaced with "clipped".  But I don't think you mean what 
> I think those words mean; I think your intention can be better described 
> with something more along the lines of  "repositioned" or 
> "adjusted to fit".
I use "to capture an object inside a certain area" to express, that the 
position and also the size (if needed) of an object is adjusted in order 
to achieve that the object fits into the given area. I've using "to 
capture" in a figurative sense in this context.
I've switched to term "to clip", because you are telling me, that this 
is the correct term for it - see your first reply to my initial posting. 
But now I think that's not correct and thus, the used wording causes 

Regards, Oliver.

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