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Subject: Re: [office] ODF TC chair, and a few other roles

Hello Michael,

FWIW, it's an important announcement and good news, and I'm speaking on
behalf of Ars Aperta here. Of course we already have a great TC chair,
but now we'll have two of them!
My congratulations also go to Rob!

Bruce D'Arcus a écrit :
> Michael Brauer wrote:
>> BTW: The scope of the metadata SC is currently only ODF 1.2, but I
>> would like to suggest that we continue this sub committee beyond ODF
>> 1.2, and ask Patrick to continue to chair it.
> +1 on this, plus your suggestions on role changes/formalizations at
> the TC for Rob and Patrick, are great ideas.
> Bruce
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Charles-H. Schulz,
Associé / Associate
Ars Aperta.

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