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Subject: text:meta-field

Dear TC,

since I get a lot of question whether my “enhanced fields” will use text:meta-fields I'd like to restate my request.
In order to be able to encode WW-like fields I need the text:meta-field to be enhanced such that it can start in the
middle of a paragraph and/or end in the middle of another paragraph.

So enhancing the text:meta-field --- similar to bookmarks would solve the technical problem and would enable me to use
text:meta-fields to encode WW-like fields.

My request is: Can we additionally add a <text:meta-field-start/>  and a <text:meta-field-end/>?

<p>Comments: <text:meta-field-start/>This is a </p>
<p>two line comment<text:meta-field-end/></p>

I just want to be clear that unless the text:meta-field is enhanced the text:meta-field can not successfully be used to
encoded WW-like fields.

An alternative would be enhance the current text:input-field in the same way.

Best regards,


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