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Subject: style property defaults

As per my action item to kick of the work on specifying style property defaults, 
  have produced the attached document. It includes tables listing all the style 
property attributes that appear in various property sets that are set down in 
the ODF schema. Only for the paragraph-properties have I started to fill in some 

I would like to get some feedback on whether you think this is the right way to 
progress on gathering all the defaults which could then be integrated into the 
spec - either in this tabular format, or in an ODF/XML representation (or both).

One possible mode of operation would be for each implementor to go through the 
list and fill in what they think should be the default and if there is 
disagreement on specific properties, we try to come to a consensus.

One possible problem may be, that the property-sets may appear in various 
combinations in the context of styles from different families. When we discussed 
this in the call, we decided to try to leave the family context out of the 
picture for the defaults if possible - thus, this is how we start. Furthermore, 
different types of applications may have different ideas about defaults. Again, 
we decided to start with one set, assuming that the differences for particular 
application types would be small enough that they can be represented through 
default-style elements written by the application in question...


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