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Subject: Re: [office] style property defaults

On Friday 02 November 2007, Lars Oppermann wrote:
> As per my action item to kick of the work on specifying style property defaults, 
>   have produced the attached document. It includes tables listing all the style 
> property attributes that appear in various property sets that are set down in 
> the ODF schema. Only for the paragraph-properties have I started to fill in some 
> defaults.

Here are the default properties from KOffice-1.6 (from knowledge and from code reading) :

Character properties

fo:background-color = transparent

fo:color   = special case: by default nothing is saved, which means "use the default text color
from the user settings - could be e.g. yellow on screen depending on the kde color scheme, 
and the default color is resolved to black when printing". This seemed like a nice feature at the
time, to obey the color scheme (e.g. people who like to read text in a light color over a dark background
can do this in kword); however it breaks the idea of WYSIWYG so I'm not sure koffice-2.0 will keep it.

fo:language = language set by the user in KDE
fo:country = country part of the language set by the user in KDE

fo:font-family = default font set by the user in KDE :)
fo:font-style = also part of the kde font settings
fo:font-weight = normal
fo:font-style = normal
fo:font-variant = normal
fo:text-transform = none
fo:text-shadow = none
fo:hyphenate = false

style:text-underline-type = none
style:text-underline-style = none (although the internal value is "solid", but that gets converted to none if type is none)
style:text-underline-mode = continuous        [this one is missing in OO's output?]
style:text-line-through-type = none
style:text-line-through-style = none
style:text-position = 0%

Paragraph properties
fo:text-align = start
fo:line-height = 100% (also known as "normal")
style:writing-mode = lr-tb
fo:margin-left = 0
fo:margin-right = 0
fo:text-indent = 0
fo:margin-top = 0
fo:margin-bottom = 0
style:tab-stops = (empty list)
style:join-border = true
fo:border = none
fo:break-before = auto
fo:break-after = auto
fo:keep-together = auto
fo:keep-with-next = auto
fo:background-color = see above fo:color explanation; defaults to "obey color scheme", resolved to white when printing.

Page layout properties
fo:page-width and fo:page-height = the page format is A4 or Letter depending on the user settings in KDE
style:print-orientation = portrait
fo:margin-right/left/top/bottom = 20mm

<style:columns> element: 
   style:column-count = 1
   fo:column-gap = 3pt

Missing here (no time for now): frame style properties, table style properties.

In the OOo list I don't see the page layout properties.

David Faure, faure@kde.org, sponsored by Trolltech to work on KDE,
Konqueror (http://www.konqueror.org), and KOffice (http://www.koffice.org).

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