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Subject: Re: [office] Introducing myself

On Thursday 29 November 2007 23:41:01 robert_weir@us.ibm.com wrote:
> Hello Rail, and welcome to the TC !

Thanks a lot.

> You translated the entire ODF specification?  That is quite an
> accomplishment.

Yes, including appendixes. :) But it's not finished yet, 100% translated, but  
only 60% are passed through QA. 

> If you have not done so already, you should take a look at the OASIS
> Translation Policy (http://www.oasis-open.org/about/translation_policy.php
> ).  There is an opportunity to involve OASIS in helping to promote your
> translation.

Done already. I think we can add a 2-3 sentences into OASIS newsletter. AFAIK 
the next one is next Monday, December 3rd.

Best regards,
Rail Aliev

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