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Subject: OpenDocument TC coordination call draft minutes 2008-03-03 (nowcompleted)

* Rollcall
Mingfei Jia, IBM
Yue Ma, IBM
Robert Weir, IBM
Panrong Yin, IBM
Helen Yue, IBM
Patrick Durusau
David Wheeler, Institute for Defense Analyses
David Faure, KDE e.V.
Florian Reuter, Novell
Bob Jolliffee, South Africa Dept. of Science & Technology
Michael Brauer, Sun Microsystems (presiding)
Eike Rathke, Sun Microsystems
Oliver-Rainer Wittmann, Sun Microsystems

* 9/9 voting members present, so quorum requirements have been met.

* Minutes from 2008-02-25 coordination call:

The attending TC members unanimously accepted the minutes.

[Editors's note: The date in the title of the minutes actually is wrong. 
It should read 2008-02-25 rather than 2008-02-18]

* Action Items
- (Not completed) Work continues on defining the default values.
-- see below
- (not completed) Patrick: prepare a list of attributes value types that 
may require an EBNF value type definition
- (not completed) Michael: prepare a list of attributes that have an 
angle as value.

* ODF 1.0 Draft Repsonse N0942
Patrick has uploaded a draft response to the ISO N0942 defect report for 
ODF 1.0 2nd edition. He wants to clarify with JTC1/SC34 whether the 
response should only include responses to the ISO N0942 document, or may 
include additional errata.

Rob clarified that this document is a response to ISO N0942, but that he 
is working on a more general document that also covers comments received 
on the TC's comment list.

The TC agreed to review the draft response and to possibly conduct a 
committee draft ballot in the next TC call.

It was discussed how to proceed with comments and their resolution in 
general. Rob suggested that the TC may review comments and their 
disposition monthly, and may also approve them as committee draft once a 
month. Every 6 months the TC may prepare an approved errata as defined 
by the OASIS TC process. Approved erratas cannot be created more 
frequently than every 6 months, and their approval includes two full 
majority votes by the TC and a public review. The TC may however conduct 
the public review and the first full majority vote more frequently, and 
may only omit the last full majority vote.

* Proposals, as listed at

- Default values (discussion took place during action item review)
Mingfei has posted defaults for Lotus Symphony Spreadsheets. Michael has 
collected defaults that have been posted so far in a spreadsheet and 
will update the document. The document lists all possible formatting 
properties, including those that are shorthands for others (like 
fo:margin) and those for which including a default into the 
specification may not be reasonable.

Michael suggested that when the collection of default values is 
completed, defaults for exactly those formatting properties are included 
into the specification for which a default value has been submitted.
The TC members agreed to review the document, to indicate missing 
defaults if possible until the next call, and to submit proposals for 
these defaults until the next but one call.

- Transition duration

Michael has posted a proposal that possibly may be voted on in the next 

- Source tables for charts

Michael has posted a proposal that possibly may be voted on in the next 

* Other topics
- Florian has posted ideas for a "fieldmark" to the TC Wiki
- The TC briefly discussed the possibility to set up a security SC
- The US and other countries switch to daylight saving times at the 9th. 
The local time for the next TC call will stay the same in the US. For 
other countries this means that the call may take place one hour earlier.

* New action items
(new) Patrick: Clarify with JTC1/SC34 whether the N0942 response 
document should only include responses to the ISO N0942 document
(new) All: Review JTC1/SC34 draft response
(new) All: Review the default value comparison document, indicate 
missing defaults if possible until the next call, and submit proposals 
for these defaults until the next but one call.

Michael Brauer, Technical Architect Software Engineering
Sun Microsystems GmbH             Nagelsweg 55
D-20097 Hamburg, Germany          michael.brauer@sun.com
http://sun.com/staroffice         +49 40 23646 500

Sitz der Gesellschaft: Sun Microsystems GmbH, Sonnenallee 1,
        D-85551 Kirchheim-Heimstetten
Amtsgericht Muenchen: HRB 161028
Geschaeftsfuehrer: Thomas Schroeder, Wolfgang Engels, Dr. Roland Boemer
Vorsitzender des Aufsichtsrates: Martin Haering

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