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Subject: Re: [office] auto-play presentation file format like PPS

My main concern was about the usage of dubious valid values for the new 
"manifest:preferred-view-mode" attribute, and the impact of that on the 
package security (because this new attribute will be associated to a 
file and a MIME type, and seen that we may have a lot of file types 
inside a package, "play" can be interpreted as "play" or as "execute", 
and this is the point that I was trying to raise).

Reading again Warren's text proposition, I think that the limit of three 
know values ("edit", "readonly" and "presentation-auto-start"), with 
that last one limited to presentation files, and also the extension (or 
custom view) mechanism proposed (the "x-" thing) we address the problem 
that I've found.

The last problem that I see is the interpretation of the "x-" views by 
different applications, but seen that this attribute is an optional one, 
he may be ignored.



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