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Subject: Re: [office] auto-play presentation file format like PPS


I don't think we have disagreement in nature about the understanding of the preferred view mode "auto-play". Yes, this attribute  would indicate that the author wants the presentation to start as soon as possible after the file is opened. But I emphasize presentation will start "WHAT" upon the file is opened. I understand it should be "start playing" or "start presenting". Also I don't think this situation is different from "edit" and "read-only" modes, just like "start editing" after the file is opened, and "start viewing without allowing modification" after the file is opened. We can call the other 2 modes as "edit" and "read-only", why can not we call the third mode as "play"? This "WHAT" is just the mode name. Additionally, I understand "auto" here means "as soon as possible after the file is opened", which can be put into description part. So I think "presentation-auto-start" surely describes the user scenario accurately, but it is not appropriate to be a view mode name.

Another issue is whether or not the preferred view mode contains the application name. I understand that your idea is to let future applications customize the preferred view mode by a flexible way. That's a good idea. But I think that will lead to trivial definitions like "X1-play","X2-play","X3-play",etc. It'd better just define a generic "play" there, which could cover the future requirements, just like "edit" now could cover many applications which have editing features.

Your suggestions and comments help me understand the preferred view modes clearly. Till now, with many suggestions from TC members, this proposal almost achieves consensus only with the above minor naming issues. I think we need to move on productively, and should not block here for the minor issues. I guess maybe this is why Rob explained and suggested the alternative in previous notes. Actually, it does not matter for me what the mode name is. When 2 options are both reasonable, I agree with most of TC members.

BTW, "readonly" need to change to "read-only".


Mingfei Jia

Symphony Common Apps and Performance |
IBM Corporation | Lotus Software
8610-8245-2493 (phone) | 915-2493 (tie-line)

Inactive hide details for Re: [office] auto-play presentation file format like PPSRe: [office] auto-play presentation file format like PPS

Re: [office] auto-play presentation file format like PPS

Warren Turkal



2008-05-01 06:17



On Wed, Apr 30, 2008 at 1:52 PM,  <robert_weir@us.ibm.com> wrote:
> "The foo attribute, when set to true, indicates that the document should be
> loaded and displayed using a presentation-oriented user experience mode
> rather than an authoring-oriented user experience mode.  The details of
> these two modes are implementation-dependent, but typically a
> presentation-oriented mode will suppress an editing user interface and will
> instead be optimized for viewing and navigating the document."

Are you suggesting that, instead of defining another value for
"preferred-view-mode", we have we have a completely separate
attribute? I don't think that'd be needed. I do think that this should
be implemented as a preferred-view-mode.

In my view of the world, the value of "foo" on the attribute
"preferred-view-mode" would indicate that the author wants the
presentation to start as soon as possible after the file is opened. It
would be something like opening a presentation in OO Impress and a
ghost pressing F5 immediately.

This behavior isn't intended to bypass security checks. E.g. if the
presentation document contains scripts, the app would still have to
authorize the execution of those scripts somehow.


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