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Subject: Re: [office] Groups - ODF_Element_Naming_01 (ODF_Element_Naming_01.pdf) uploaded

I agree to be careful to modify those names that borrow from the existed standards although they have some inconsistences. For example, SVG and SMIL parts in ODF spec use character upper case to separate words(e.g.svg:linearGradient,svg:radialGradient,smil:attributeName,smil:autoReverse,smil:calcMode,smil:fadeColor,smil:fillDefault,smil:keySplines,smil:keyTimes,smil:repeatCount,smil:repeatDur,smil:repeatDefault,smil:targetElement).
But "smil:endsync" should be an exception. Also I guess "db:is-autoincrement" is not a name borrowed from the existed standards and should be in the table of names to be modified.

I also agree to separate the names that would like be modified into 2 groups: (1)those existed in ODF 1.1/1.0, enter into deprecation cycle; (2)those newly introduced in ODF 1.2,modify directly while merging to the main specification.


Mingfei Jia

Symphony Common Apps and Performance |
IBM Corporation | Lotus Software
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Inactive hide details for Re: [office] Groups - ODF_Element_Naming_01 (ODF_Element_Naming_01.pdf) uploadedRe: [office] Groups - ODF_Element_Naming_01 (ODF_Element_Naming_01.pdf) uploaded

Re: [office] Groups - ODF_Element_Naming_01 (ODF_Element_Naming_01.pdf) uploaded

Michael Brauer - Sun Germany - ham02 - Hamburg


Patrick Durusau

2008-05-02 14:50

Sent by:



Bob Jolliffe, robert weir, office


Patrick Durusau wrote:
> Bob,
> Bob Jolliffe wrote:
>> Greetings.  We are still on an extended public holiday in SA which is
>> why I've been so quiet ...
> Cool!
> Just quickly I would note that I see these terms as a native English
> speaker and so, yes, I have no doubt whatsoever about the expansion of
> the abbreviations.
> However, having said that, note that I am a *native English speaker.*
> Moreover, it is a question of consistency. If you review the examples,
> you will find that sometimes we use the shorter form and sometimes the
> longer. If we had consistently used the shorter form, like we did with
> text:p, then you might have an argument. A sturdy indefensible as Fowler
> would put it.
> But, if we are ourselves inconsistent, then what are we honoring? Our
> ability to not carefully check our own work for consistency?

Well, I agree that there seem to be some inconsistencies at the first
glance, but many of the element names actually have been "borrowed"
directly from other standards on which we are based (I have taken the
term "borrow" from our charter, which says we should "borrow" from
similar, existing standards wherever possible and permitted).

So, <text:p>, <text:h>, <text:a> have been taken from HTML (as well as
href and nohref). All the anim attribues have their direct counterparts
in SMIL, that is a W3C specification but uses other rules for element
and attribute names then XSL-FO, from which we took many formatting
properties. <draw:rect> is our counterpart to SVG's <draw:rect>. The
term "indent" is used in the XSL-FO specification, and the term "auto", too.

So, there are probably some situations where we have chosen inconsistent
names or unclear abbreviations when we have added new elements and
attributes. But many of the names you are listing have been taken from
the standards we are based on, because we are not only reusing the
semantics, but also the element and attribute names, and their terminology.


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