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Subject: Claim to implement MS Office 2007 files, not OOXML

Here's more evidence that suggests that YEARFRAC (etc.) should document something compatible with Excel 2007, and NOT what OOXML does:
"Office 2007 won't support ISO's OOXML" By David Worthington,

Brief quote: "For customers expecting an ISO-conformant Office Open XML (OOXML) in Microsoft Office, the wait will continue: Microsoft will not implement the standardized version of its own document format until Office 14 ships. Meanwhile, a service pack due in 2009 is expected to expand the formats supported by Office 2007.
Today, Microsoft announced that it was making new commitments to document interoperability within its Office product line for Windows. Office 2007 Service Pack 2 will add native support for OpenDocument Format (ODF) 1.1, PDF 1.5, PDF/A and XML Paper Specification, an XML-based fixed-document format created by Microsoft.".

Note the ODF 1.1 implementation.  I don't know what its quality will be, but in any case, welcome aboard to ODF!

I strongly recommend that anyone who is implementing "Microsoft Office 2007" file reader/writers (e.g., .docx, .xlsx, and .pptx) should say they're implementing "Microsoft Office 2007 formats", and should _not_ say that they are implementing OOXML.  They are clearly quite different.  I think that's important for truth-in-advertising; many people are ALREADY confusing the OOXML specification with what Microsoft Office 2007 generates and reads, and that confusion is awful.  I note that the OpenOffice.org folks already say this correctly:

--- David A. Wheeler

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