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Subject: Re: [office] Default values

Michael.Brauer@Sun.COM wrote on 05/30/2008 08:36:00 AM:

> Dear TC members,
> we are currently using the a:defaultValue attribute specified by the
> Relax NG DTD Compatibility specification[1] to define the default values
> of many attributes. We recently received a comment from Murata Makoto
> that the use of a:defaultValue attributes in the ODF schema causes a
> ambiguity problem in the schema[2]. In addition, we currently do not
> explicitly state whether the ODF schema shall conform to the Relax NG
> DTD Compatibility attribute default value feature, or whether our use of
> a:defaultValue has only documentation purposes. The later I think is
> what actually was intended.
> However, I would like to propose that we follow the proposal that
> Murata Makoto has made in his comment. That means that we remove all
> a:defaultValue attributes from the schema, and instead add a sentence
> like the one below to the sections that describe the attributes:
> "If the attribute is not specified, conforming applications *should*
> behave as if the attribute has the value "[default value]".
> This sentence is only a suggestion. Alternative suggestion are welcome.


If we do the above I'd like us also to remove any reference to Relax NG DTD Compatibility from ODF 1.2.

> I further would like to suggest that we don't change the schema and
> specification manually, but by an XSLT stylesheet. If the TC accepts
> this proposal, I volunteer to develop this stylesheet.

You are the ODF/XSLT Meister.  Someday you must give a presentation on the interesting tasks you have accomplished in this way.

> If we adapt the schema as proposed, we may either explicitly state that
> the ODF schema conforms to the attribute default value feature defined
> by the Relax NG DTD Compatibility specification, or we may omit the
> reference to the Relax NG DTD Compatibility specification for default
> values (We  may however want to reference it for ID/IDREF behavior. I
> will cover that by a different mail next week. What I want to say here
> is that if we only look at the default value topic, both would be possible).
> Best regards
> Michael
> P.S.: I have written this proposal as plain mail. If the TC follows
> Rob's suggestion for using the Wiki instead, I will move this proposal
> to the Wiki.
> [1]
> [2]
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