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Subject: Bad reference in 1.1

A reference to the xsl 1.0 spec is wrong.

This was pointed out to me in an email.

section 16.1Data Types.[[
A (positive or negative) physical length, consisting of magnitude and
unit, in conformance with §5.9.11 of [XSL]. Supported units are „cm",
„mm", „in", „pt" and „pc". Applications shall support all these units.
Applications may also support "px" (pixel). Where the
OpenDocument-v1.1-os.odt 1 February 2007
Copyright (c) OASIS Open 2002 - 2007. All Rights Reserved. Page 703 of 738
description of an attribute explicitly states that pixel lengths are
supported, applications should support them.
Examples for valid lengths are "2.54cm" and "1in".
That is from the pdf

  Note 5.9.11 [XSL] is 5.9.11 Lexical
Structure yep nothing to do with unit lengths and how they should be

Please acknowledge this as an issue.

I have had no response to the bad logic I reported in para 1.5 as yet.


Dave Pawson

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