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Subject: Re: [office] Proposals and Wiki Categories

Michael.Brauer@Sun.COM wrote on 07/04/2008 08:11:33 AM:

> Rob, all,
> I have added an "CategoryNewProposals" to all proposals we have in the
> Wiki that use the new template. This allows us to dynamically list them.
> An example of this is the page
> It list all pages that are in the category "CategoryNewProposal". The
> list of pages is dynamically created.

Wunderbar!  I was hoping something like this was possible, but didn't see how to do it.  Where did you go to define a new Category?

> We could also use that feature on the page
> If we replace the list of proposals that we currently maintain manually
> by the expression below, then all new proposals would be listed
> automatically:
> [[FullSearch(r:CategoryNewProposal\b -r:CategoryCategory\b)]]
> The only difference is that the list is sorted alphabetically and does
> not reflect the order in which proposals have been added. If this is not
> an issue, then this dynamic list of pages could actually safe us some
> administrative work. All that TC members that want to add a proposal
> would have to do is to create a new page and to add the term
> "CategoryNewProposal" to it. The page then would be listed automatically.

That would work fine.  We're not necessarily processing proposals in order of submission.  The rules, as they are drafted now, say that the proposals will advance at a pace determined by the proposer.  

Would I be able to add the "CategoryNewProposal" to the template itself?  So all new proposals are automatically classified?

I think we will soon require the use of the new proposal form template.  However, it may be a good idea to add the category annotation to the legacy proposals that are still under consideration, so they show up in the same list.

> Well, as long as we have only new proposals the effort to add a link to
> the initial page is the same as to add a "CategoryNewProposal" to the
> new page. But when it starts to get interesting is if we add additional
> categories, like a category for approved proposals.
> Right now, if a proposal gets approved, we would have to modify the
> metadata in the proposal, and we would have to maintain the list of
> proposals. This is very similar to what we do currently on the 1.2
> ActionItem page, except that the meta data would be tracked on the page
> of the proposal itself, rather than on the page that lists the proposal.
> If we switch to categories, all that is required is that the category of
> the page is changed. The lists of proposals would be updated automatically.

Is there anything that gives a timestamp to when you change or add categories?  We need to be able to track when something moves from one state to another.  Maybe that is a manual step.

> A page may belong to multiple categories. This would allow us to create
> additional categories for proposals that shall be discussed in a TC
> call, or which shall be voted on. We may for instance agree that TC
> members that wish to discuss a proposal in one of the next calls add the
> category "CategoryToBeDiscussed" (or something similar) to the proposal
> page. We could then list these proposals automatically on a particular
> page, and could take this ad basis of our meeting agenda. However, this
> list would not reflect the order of which we get requests. As long as
> the number of proposals to discuss is limited and if we maybe agree on
> some time limits for the discussion of proposals in the calls, then this
> may not be an issue.

Some interesting possibilities here.


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