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Subject: Re: [office] Proposals and Wiki Categories

robert_weir@us.ibm.com wrote:
> Wunderbar!  I was hoping something like this was possible, but didn't 
> see how to do it.  Where did you go to define a new Category?

You just add a word starting with Category to a page. If you add for 
instance "CategoryApprovedFor1.2", then a new category is created. If 
you follow the link that MoinMon wiki creates for the category you are 
asked to create a new page. You can use the "CategoryTemplate" for this. 
However, for whatever reason, one has to manually correct the search 
expression on that page.

>  > The only difference is that the list is sorted alphabetically and does
>  > not reflect the order in which proposals have been added. If this is not
>  > an issue, then this dynamic list of pages could actually safe us some
>  > administrative work. All that TC members that want to add a proposal
>  > would have to do is to create a new page and to add the term
>  > "CategoryNewProposal" to it. The page then would be listed automatically.
>  >
> That would work fine.  We're not necessarily processing proposals in 
> order of submission.  The rules, as they are drafted now, say that the 
> proposals will advance at a pace determined by the proposer.  

For new proposals the order is in fact unimportant. It may be however 
important if we have a category for proposals that shall be discussed, 
and if we have many of them. We then must adapt the order in which we 
discuss the proposals in the calls. Otherwise we risk that a proposal 
whose name  starts with "z" will never be discussed. Anyway, that seems 
to be doable and less overhead than tracking the proposals entirely 

> Would I be able to add the "CategoryNewProposal" to the template itself? 
>  So all new proposals are automatically classified?

I haven't tried that but my understanding is that it is sufficient to 
add the word "CategoryNewProposal" somewhere in the template text. I 
have added a "Catagory:" line in the meta data of the existing 
proposals, but this should be considered to be only as a suggestion.

> I think we will soon require the use of the new proposal form template. 
>  However, it may be a good idea to add the category annotation to the 
> legacy proposals that are still under consideration, so they show up in 
> the same list.

Sounds reasonable, but we can do this only if we move them to the Wiki, 
or create dummy pages in the Wiki.

> Is there anything that gives a timestamp to when you change or add 
> categories?  We need to be able to track when something moves from one 
> state to another.  Maybe that is a manual step.

Adding a category is like adding other text. Adding the category creates 
an entry in version control for the page, but there is no particular 
timestamp for adding a category. This means we would have to track this 


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