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Subject: Re: [office] The proposal:auto-play presentation file format has been updated by the New Proposal Form

I was on vacation. Sorry for the late reply.

I apologize for the shortness of the reply. I don't have much time.


2008/7/4 Ming Fei Jia <jiamingf@cn.ibm.com>:
> Warren,
> Sorry to be late response. I'm very busy in other work during these days.
> Actually, I have no strong concern about the preferred view name, though I
> have a little feeling that "presentation" before "slide-show" seems
> extraneous. Besides the previous reason, another reason for my feeling is
> that I feel "slide-show" itself seems only applied to presentation, so there
> is no necessary to emphasize "presentation" again in the name.
> If you still have strong concern about this, I suggest let's wait for
> another few days again, if no other members objection, I'll accept your
> suggested name "presentation-slide-show". I say so because this is an open
> community, everyone has right to accept or object any proposal.

I still feel strongly that presentation- belongs in front since the
mode only applies to presentations. I thought that Michael concurred
on the last call where we discussed it.

> But you know another thing that we need to consider about this proposal is
> the customized view mode name, how to define schema for that(like x-name
> or)? Anyone can help? On the other hand, for this problem, we can think
> about it from another perspective. That is, do we really need to define the
> customized view mode now, even we are unclear about what the future mode is?
> Why not put it aside now, and when some preferred view mode appears in the
> future, we add the definitive mode name again?

We need to define how custom views are named so that we don't get into
a situation where an official one could clash with an unofficial one.


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