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Subject: Re: [office] Defining Alternative Glyphs


Le 8 juil. 08 à 10:46, Dave Pawson a écrit :

> 2008/7/8 Thomas Zander <zander@kde.org>:
>> This is all for latin fonts, things get much more complex for  
>> minority fonts,
>> so I won't explain that here. The simplest is to choose a slashed- 
>> zero in
>> some cases, which is a user choice for the glyph, but manually  
>> forcing the
>> usage of a ligature is another good example.
>> In my opinion this feature is needed for making that last step from  
>> nice
>> looking text to professional looking text.
> In mine this is a presentation issue which should properly be
> assigned to an application, the presentation layer.
> Not ODF, the standard.

Such questions almost always stand at the edge of the applicative  
level; what Thomas is requesting -if I understood him well- is that  
since we use UTF-8 by default (and it's not like we have a choice,  
since ODF is XML based) we have to care about the issues related to  
glyphs that are not easily represented. I thus see this as an  
extension of ODF's support of UTF-8.


Charles-H. Schulz
Associé / Founding Partner,
Ars Aperta

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