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Subject: OpenDocument TC coordination call minutes 2008-07-14

OpenDocument TC coordination call  minutes 2008-07-14

*Begin 10:04 EDT

* Rollcall

Robert Weir, IBM (presiding)

Jun Ma, Beijing Redflag Chinese 2000 Software
David Wheeler, Institute for Defense Analyses
Doug Mahugh, Microsoft
Ming Fei, IBM
Michael Brauer, Sun Microsystems
Oliver-Rainer Wittmann, Sun Microsystems
Patrick Durusau, Individual
Ma Yue, IBM
Florian Reuter, Novell
Kohei Yoshida, Novell
Bob Jolliffe, South Africa Department of Science and Technology

- 10 of 13 voting members were in attendance, so quorum requirements were met.

* Minutes of 7/14 call were approved (http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/office/200807/msg00121.html)

* Rob explained how the Chairs would like to handle agenda items going forward:

- New agenda items should be proposed to the mailing list by end of day each Wednesday for the following Monday's agenda.
- The Chairs will try to get out the formal agenda by end of day each Thursday
- for formal ODF proposals, for discussion or voting, TC members should follow the process outlined on the wiki: http://wiki.oasis-open.org/office/How_to_propose_a_change_or_addition_to_ODF
- The Chairs will try to get draft meeting minutes by end of day Tuesday, following each Monday call.

- Overall theme is that TC members are responsible for advancing their own proposals at their own pace by notifying the list when they want the proposal discussed or voted upon.

* Patrick reported on the ODF 1.0 Errata status.  

- Patrick has compared ODF 1.0 and ODF 1.1 and noted that there were a small number of section numbering differences.  So it should be possible in the future to apply ODF 1.0 errata to ODF 1.1 if we decide to do that.
- Task now is to ensure that the document has section/page/line references for both OASIS ODF 1.0 as well as ISO/IEC 26300:2006

* Florian lead discussion on his fieldmarks proposal (http://wiki.oasis-open.org/office/Fieldmarks)

- It was observed (Bob/Rob) that the various region marking mechanism in ODF (bookmarks, fieldmarks, etc.) have substantial commonality that might be factored into a generic mechanism.  For example, a generic Region-Mark element  with a category or type attribute that indicates the behavior.  Other users of similar region marks could be re-written to use this generic facility and then the old versions deprecated.

- (Oliver) but this would be a substantial change for ODF 1.2, especially this late.  (Florian) who will help do this work?

- (Rob) The Fieldmarks proposals appears to be close to generic already.  It is expressing structure but does not define behavior.  Perhaps we simply make this generic but defer the work to convert the other mechanism to match it.  (Bob) We would use this new generic mechanism "going forward"

* Florian and Kohei lead discussion on spreadsheet table protections proposals (http://wiki.oasis-open.org/office/Spreadsheet_Table_Protection_Options)

- (Kohei) a number of additional binary options are proposed to match that provided by Excel
- Noted the need for legacy hash support for compatibility with Excel documents
- (Florian) possibility for double-hashing when importing Excel documents, to give compatibility as well as safety.  So re-hash the legacy hash with a modern hash like SHA256 before saving it in ODF.  

*Adjourned 11:01

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