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Subject: Re: [office] Default Values Proposal

2008/7/23 Michael Brauer - Sun Germany - ham02 - Hamburg
> Hi Rob, all,
> I would like to discuss this proposal in the next call. We had already
> agreed that we want to move default value definitions from the schema into
> the specification, so what's needed is only a short review of the language
> that I have chosen

Too late if you've already decided to do it Michael,
but ISO/IEC 19757-8:2008(E)

6.3    Default attribute values
A dsrl:default-value element can be used to define a default value for
an attribute at the end of an attribute
map. The model for this element is:
      default-value = element dsrl:default-value {text}
The default value to be assigned is recorded as the contents of the
dsrl:default-value element. Any value
assigned to the named attribute within the document instance will be
used during validation of the document, but if
the attribute is not present the default value will be applied.
If an attribute has been declared to be an additional attribute by the
addition of an additional="true" attribute
to a dsrl:name element the attribute map shall contain a
dsrl:default-value element.
NOTE:       A typical example of a DSRL default attribute value
definition, as introduced as the last element in an
            dsrl:attribute-map element, is:
  <dsrl:name additional="true">code-source</dsrl:name>


Dave Pawson

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