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Subject: Proposal for an ODF 2.0 Requirements SC

As we finish up ODF 1.2 over the next few months I'd like to start up a parallel, background thread to collect ODF 2.0 requirements.  I think a subcommittee would a good way to do this.  I feel bad that we see so many good ideas come through, from TC members, but also increasingly from public comments, that we can't possibly fit into our ODF 1.2 revision.  Instead of merely rejecting these good ideas, I'd like to start the analysis of how some of these ideas might fit into an ODF 2.0 plan.  What are the themes of work for ODF 2.0?  What are the "big blocks" that we should be looking at?  What is the "Vision" for ODF 2.0?

So here is a rough draft of what a SC definition might look like, its purpose, scope of work, deliverables, etc.  This is very rough, so please don't hesitate to suggest bold changes to the text.

We can discuss on the list and on the next ODF TC call.  I'll suggest it for a vote when we have a consensus on the wording.

I'm cc'ing the ODF Adoption TC list on this since I see that their charter has the following :

"The Adoption Committee will align and support the activities of the OASIS OpenDocument Technical Committee by providing market-based requirements. These requirements will help guide future development of the OpenDocument specification by the OASIS OpenDocument Technical Committee."

So there is some possible overlap there.  If anyone feels strongly that this is a concern, I could move this activity solely into the Adoption TC.  But we may find it more productive to collaborate on this.



Name: The Subcommittee will be called the "2.0 Requirements SC"

Statement of purpose

As the ODF TC completes its work on ODF 1.2, it is desirable to instantiate a parallel effort to gather requirements and define a vision for any subsequent revision of the standard.

It is the purpose of the 2.0 Requirements Subcommittee to gather requirements, to categorize these requirements by theme, to prioritize these requirements, and to submit a report to the ODF TC on a recommended set of work items for ODF 2.0.

Scope of work

In accordance with the above Purpose, the 2.0 Requirements SC would undertake the following activities:
  1. To collect requirements for ODF 1.2 from TC members, from the OASIS ODF Adoption TC,  from implementors, from users, from the public, and from other stakeholders;
  2. To ensure that all requirements collected have been formally submitted as contributions to the ODF TC, either as TC member contributions or via the Feedback Licence;
  3. To categorize these comments according theme;
  4. To prioritize the themes and the requirements within the themes;
  5. To produce and submit to the ODF TC a report on a recommended set of work items for ODF 2.0

1. An ODF 2.0 Requirements Proposal document (target May 1st, 2009)

Manner and schedule of work
The work of the subcommittee will be primarily through conference calls and a mail list set up by OASIS for subcommittee work, or other IT tools provided by OASIS for TC work. Access by the public will be through an openly available mail list archive.

Conference calls may be scheduled on a regular basis as agreed by the subcommittee after its formation.  The intent is to have this be a low-intensity background activity that sets a pace of work that will not distract from ongoing ODF 1.2 work, and which will allow all interested TC members to participate.

Chair & Editor


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