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Subject: Re: [office] Proposal for an ODF 2.0 Requirements SC

Why 1.2 instead of 1.3 or whatever? Is 2.0 going to be a backward
incompatible with 1.x? In other words, are we going to be removing
tags/attributes from the XML?


On Thu, Jul 24, 2008 at 12:56 PM,  <robert_weir@us.ibm.com> wrote:
> As we finish up ODF 1.2 over the next few months I'd like to start up a
> parallel, background thread to collect ODF 2.0 requirements.  I think a
> subcommittee would a good way to do this.  I feel bad that we see so many
> good ideas come through, from TC members, but also increasingly from public
> comments, that we can't possibly fit into our ODF 1.2 revision.  Instead of
> merely rejecting these good ideas, I'd like to start the analysis of how
> some of these ideas might fit into an ODF 2.0 plan.  What are the themes of
> work for ODF 2.0?  What are the "big blocks" that we should be looking at?
>  What is the "Vision" for ODF 2.0?
> So here is a rough draft of what a SC definition might look like, its
> purpose, scope of work, deliverables, etc.  This is very rough, so please
> don't hesitate to suggest bold changes to the text.
> We can discuss on the list and on the next ODF TC call.  I'll suggest it for
> a vote when we have a consensus on the wording.
> I'm cc'ing the ODF Adoption TC list on this since I see that their charter
> has the following :
> "The Adoption Committee will align and support the activities of the OASIS
> OpenDocument Technical Committee by providing market-based requirements.
> These requirements will help guide future development of the OpenDocument
> specification by the OASIS OpenDocument Technical Committee."
> So there is some possible overlap there.  If anyone feels strongly that this
> is a concern, I could move this activity solely into the Adoption TC.  But
> we may find it more productive to collaborate on this.
> -Rob
> ====================================================
> Name: The Subcommittee will be called the "2.0 Requirements SC"
> Statement of purpose
> --------------------
> As the ODF TC completes its work on ODF 1.2, it is desirable to instantiate
> a parallel effort to gather requirements and define a vision for any
> subsequent revision of the standard.
> It is the purpose of the 2.0 Requirements Subcommittee to gather
> requirements, to categorize these requirements by theme, to prioritize these
> requirements, and to submit a report to the ODF TC on a recommended set of
> work items for ODF 2.0.
> Scope of work
> -------------
> In accordance with the above Purpose, the 2.0 Requirements SC would
> undertake the following activities:
> To collect requirements for ODF 1.2 from TC members, from the OASIS ODF
> Adoption TC,  from implementors, from users, from the public, and from other
> stakeholders;
> To ensure that all requirements collected have been formally submitted as
> contributions to the ODF TC, either as TC member contributions or via the
> Feedback Licence;
> To categorize these comments according theme;
> To prioritize the themes and the requirements within the themes;
> To produce and submit to the ODF TC a report on a recommended set of work
> items for ODF 2.0
> Deliverables
> ------------
> 1. An ODF 2.0 Requirements Proposal document (target May 1st, 2009)
> Manner and schedule of work
> ---------------------------
> The work of the subcommittee will be primarily through conference calls and
> a mail list set up by OASIS for subcommittee work, or other IT tools
> provided by OASIS for TC work. Access by the public will be through an
> openly available mail list archive.
> Conference calls may be scheduled on a regular basis as agreed by the
> subcommittee after its formation.  The intent is to have this be a
> low-intensity background activity that sets a pace of work that will not
> distract from ongoing ODF 1.2 work, and which will allow all interested TC
> members to participate.
> Chair & Editor
> ---------------------------
> TBD.

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