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Subject: Re: Back to work and initial news

Thank you Juan for this response.  I have also been on the road and a bit quiet.

And please do feel free to discuss in the ETSI TC.  If indeed we do
specify XAdES directly in the odf specification it will be important
that we are scrupulously correct and following best practice.

I look forward to your further feedback.


2008/9/2 Juan Carlos Cruellas <cruellas@ac.upc.edu>:
> Dear Bob,
> I apppologize for remaining silent during the last week... It was an
> extrange week, as I was half working half having some days off....
> But now I am fully back to work and in addition to that I have some news....
> The DSS-X TC had its first meeting after summer yesterday. I reported on
> your request and forwarded your email to the TC. The TC was very interested
> in the topic and took the following agreements:
> 1. That the co-chairs would prepare a response to your email and that this
> email would be reviewed at the next conf call in two weeks.
> 2. That in parallel, the co-chair should send an email to the ETSI ES TC
> list, as this committee is actually the one that produced the XAdES
> standard, as some of the questions that you raised deal more with the format
> of XAdES signatures, which falls fully within their competences.
> Now, I would need from you your permission to forward your email (or at
> least your introductory text and those questions related more with XAdES
> format) to the ETSI ESI TC. I am actually member of that committee and the
> person in charge of the maintenance of XAdES  (the world is a rather small
> place in the end :-). May I do this? May I also let them know the link of
> the kiwi with the proposal?. I think that then you could get feedback from
> the two bodies that are actually doing some standardization activity related
> to XAdES, namely the DSS-X TC relating to the request of generation and
> verification of XAdES signatures to a central server and the provision of
> detailed verification report; and the ETSI ESI TC  that is dealing with the
> format of XAdES signatures and how to incorporate them to documents...
> I personally I am extremelly interested in this topic, because of my
> involvement in XAdES since the very begining.
> I think that I may answer now one of the questions that you asked: XAdES is
> an ETSI standard. The last version is v1.3.2. ETSI standards are free. In
> order to get any ETSI standard you have to go to:
> http://pda.etsi.org/pda/queryform.asp
> There you must fulfill the form. For XAdES, it is enough to write in the
> "Search for" field "TS 101903" and click the "Standard Type and Ooc No"
> checkbox. Press "Search" button and wait for instructions. I think that the
> server then requests from you an email address and after that a page with a
> link for downloading the pdf is shown. Please, let me know if you have any
> problem for downloading it.
> Should you have any further question or comment, please do not hesitate in
> contacting me... I will let you know how things progress in both bodies...
> Best regards
> Juan Carlos.

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