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Subject: #6.1 Errata comment - unimplementable change

Re: http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/office-comment/200808/msg00059.html

I have questioned 14 items (including one split into two) in the Approved
Errata 01.  This note clarifies on where I don't believe the instructions
are actionable.  Here is the recommendation and rationale:

          ODF 1.0     IS 26300
Section   page line   page line

15.4.7    556  8      565  12

The instruction is "Delete normative reference to working draft of CSS3."
This is not actionable and the necessary change is not obvious.  The problem
is that the paragraph involved relies on a citation of a particular section
for its own explanation.

In addition the Section references are incorrect.  page 556 line 8 is in
section 15.4.8.  However the problem applies to both 15.4.7 (at the bottom
of page 555) and section 15.4.8 near the top of page 556 of ODF 1.0.

Recommendation #1 (preferable): Provide specific substitute text in the
portion of sections 15.4.7 and 15.4.8.

Recommendation #2 (expedient): Remove the item from the Errata.

Details: Here are the relevant texts to which the erratum (actually two
errata) applies:

15.4.7 Line Through Style (p. 555 line 40):

40: Use the style:text-line-through-style property to specify if and how
text is lined
41: through. This property is similar to the [CSS3Text] text-line-style
property, except that it
42: has the additional value long-dash and that it does not have the value
double. Instead of this,
43: the attribute style:text:line-through-type can be used to turn each line
style into a
44: double line. See §9.2 of [CSS3Text] for details. See also section


15.4.8 Line Through Width (p. 556 line 5):

 5: Use the style:text-line-through-width property to specifies the width of
a line through
 6: line. This property is very similar to the [CSS3Text]
text-line-through-width property,
 7: except that it has an additional value bold. bold specifies a line width
that is calculated from
 8: the font sizes like an auto width, but is wider than an auto width. See
§9.3 of [CSS3Text] for
 9: details. See also section 15.4.30.	

 - Dennis 

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The following comments were received during the ODF 1.0 Approved Errata 01 
document public review period:

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[#6] Dennis E. Hamilton: 

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