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Subject: RE: [office] Groups - ODF_1.0_Errata_draft_3 9.3.3 disagreement

In checking over the line number work, two different corrections have been proposed

          ODF 1.0     IS 26300
Section   page line   page line

9.3.3     300  13     304  6    cd-02 as published for review

9.3.3     300  13     304  *7*  Dennis Proposal after checking the numbers

9.3.3     300 *12*    304  6    Patrick Proposal in errata draft 3

The instruction, in all cases, is "Delete “a” and make “representation” plural."

I have made two screen shots to make this more understandable.  The attached file ODF1.0-9.3.3-comparison.zip has two PNG images.

The first, F08xx26-v1.0-os-9.33-p.300.png is for the top part of the ODF 1.0 Standard (-os.pdf) page 300.  The passage that the erratum addresses is highlighted.  You can check that this is the 13th content-containing line on the page.

The second, F08xx27-v1.0ed2-cs1-9.3.3-p.304.png is for the top part of the ODF 1.0 (second edition) committee specification, having the same text as IS 26300.  Here line 7 matches line 13 in the previous image.

My assumption is that the erratum should identify precisely (the first line) where change is to be made.

 - Dennis

PS: I have not checked anything else in the new errata draft.  I wanted to elaborate on the 9.3.3 on because we know there is disagreement on this one.  Patrick and I agree on there being a defect in the  -c02 item, and I now see that we have different understandings of what the defect is.  This reminds me of situations where people have two different fixes for what would seem to be the same bug but actually disagreeing on which is the bug!  

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Subject: [office] Groups - ODF_1.0_Errata_draft_3 (ODF_1.0_Errata_draft_3.odt) uploaded


A day later than I promised but hopefully worth the wait! 

Thanks to Dennis Hamilton for his careful reading and suggested
corrections! There is one place where we disagree on the line numbering,
Section 9.3.3 and I have marked that line reference in red. 

[ ... ]


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