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Subject: RE: [office] ODF_1.0_Errata_draft_3 - Stage 1 Review

Hi Patrick,

I am reviewing the new errata draft in stages:

0. Explain my understanding of our line-numbering disagreement for 9.3.3 (done) 

1. Review the line numbers in draft 3, verifying the changes previously noticed and also verifying the new errata items introduced in draft 3.

2. Review the new links and applicability to the identified items in the new column, referring to ISO/IEC JTC1/SC 34 document N0942, Defect Report on ISO/IEC 26300:2006, 2007-12-08, available at 

The discrepancies noted below are the result of (1), reviewing the section and line numbers and the related instructions.  

 - Dennis

PS: Two of the notes are amusing to me because at one time I programmed a Univac computer, although I never programmed a Unisys computer.  But I had to learn that it was a Univac computer because I worked for Remington Rand Univac, and then Sperry Univac, and it mattered to them.  It apparently matters to the IETF as well.


          ODF 1.0     IS 26300
Section   page line   page line

9.3.11    311  24     315  15   [new insertion]
          The effect of the instruction is to change
          "a URI" to "an URI" in ODF 1.0 and "a IRI"
          to "an IRI" in IS 26300.  Unfortunately,
          "URI" is a plural term in accordance with
          [RFC2396] and, if used in singular, it would
          be "a URI" just as it is "a URL."  That's
          because it is either you-are-eye or Universal 
          Resource Mumble, and either way we have the 
          'except when pronounced as "Y"' exception to U
          being a vowel, even though in speech we might say 
          "an earl."

15.4.7   *555**41*    565 *9*   [proposed correction] 
          556  8      565  12   [line in errata 3]
         Problem: 556-8 is in section 15.4.8, not 15.4.7.
         In the proposed correction, the line numbers are 
         those on which the text to be deleted begins.

15.27.31  655  12    *667* 10    
         [missed correction. It is made on the next
          15.27.31 item]

15.28.4   656 *32*    668  31
         [656 has one more line at the top than 668]

*15.31.3* 663  21     675  37   [typos "15.13.3" but
*15.31.3* 663  34     676  5     in correct place]
         [I can't believe the number of times I looked
          at this page and didn't see that.]

17.5      686  18     699  17
          I just noticed that the new text has the 
          phrase "a schema (like http:)".  The
          correct term is "scheme" or even "URL
          scheme" in accordance with [RFC2396] and
          the scheme name does not include the ":",
          so "a URL scheme (as in http:)" might
          be more precise.  (And it is "a URL" not
          "an URL", also in accord with [RFC2396].)
17.6      686  38     699  36   [deleted by mistake?]
          The correction instruction is: 
          Replace "thumbnails" with "Thumbnails".
          [This is needed to complete the corrections
           given for the preceding line of 17.6.  This
           could also be incorporated in that change.]

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Draft errata for ODF 1.0

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