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Subject: RE: [office] 17.5 on IRIs


Here's what I notice, looking over the complete 17.5 more carefully:

1. The first sentence of 17.5 suggests that relative URI can be used to
reference files within the file system.  (On the call, I thought that was
allowed, then I thought it wasn't, and now I think it is again.)  Suggested
clean-up: change "but can also" in 686 line 5 to read "and can also".  (This
is minor).  This is a very handy thing (e.g., with master documents and
other cases where material is incorporated in a document by reference),
since it allows the material to be moved as a group and have the collection
still works.  [I note further that the preservation of referential integrity
for *any* URI that lead out of a package is no more assured for absolute URI
than for relative URI.]

2. It appears we are attempting to ban URI schemes that might allow access
to a part of a Zip file.  I don't think that is in our power.  So some
statements in 17.5 about how parts of a package are not to be accessed are
too strong in their wording.  

3. I suspect what we want to say is that within files contained within
packages, URIs that refer to sub files in packages (1) shall be relative,
(2) shall only refer to sub files in the same package, and (3) shall not in
any way depend on the current location and any naming of the package
containing the referencing file and the target sub-file.  [I am not sure
this closes all of the doors, but it is as close as I can figure what is
intended.  We also need to consider whether it could be should rather than
shall, although I think it would be a stretch to change it from shall/must
at this point.] 

4. If (3) is the gist of it, I think we can make 17.5 much simpler. 

I will step away from the keyboard now, waiting to see what others have to
say about this.

 - Dennis

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Subject: [office] 17.5 on IRIs

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