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Subject: RE: [office] Coordination Call Attendance

Hello Michael,

I apologize, I did not make myself understood.  I understand how the
membership is determined at the beginning of each meeting, and how I could
check it myself.

However, the minutes are a public, archival records, and the membership
changes over time.  So there is no way to easily know what the voting
membership and voting attendance was at the time of any previous meeting,
especially since voting membership changes from time to time.  (I assume
that Florian Reuter is not currently a voting member because of consecutive
absences, for example.)

I looked at the Calendar tool, but it doesn't provide any more information
than the minutes with regard to this question.  I don't think it is part of
the OASIS public record, either.

Also, the complete membership roster is difficult to use (being organized by
organization rather than individual).  For those reasons, I am requesting
that the minutes should reflect the voting membership status.  It is only a

Although it is apparently of little interest to know the voting membership
composition on the occasion of individual past meetings, I would have
thought it an important element of accountability.  OASIS is apparently more
informal than I had expected.

 - Dennis

PS: I do not understand why some organizations and some individuals have *
next to their names.  For example, Novell* and Patrick Durusau*.  I have
looked everywhere for an explanatory note and have failed so far.  

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Sent: Tuesday, September 30, 2008 01:51
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Subject: Re: [office] Coordination Call Attendance


On 09/29/08 05:43 PM, Dennis E. Hamilton wrote:
> Michael and Robert,
> I notice that the membership and voting membership of OASIS TCs is rather
> fluid.
> In the minutes, it would be valuable to know
> 1. Which attendees were voting members at the start of the meeting (with
> asterisk or other indicator).
> 2. Which voting members were absent from the meeting, whether on leave,
> I find this valuable, as a newcomer, to understand how the quorum is
> composed and also to know, at each occasion, who the voting members are,
> whether attending or not.

Thanks for these suggestions. Actually, most of the information you are 
looking for is present already, even though not in the minutes.

[ ... ]

Furthermore, we track the attendance of each meeting in the calendar 
tool at:


[ ... ]

It does not list the voting members at the beginning of each call. But 
in the very few cases where these may be of interest for a call in the 
past (I cannot remember that this was ever the case) these could be 
easily recalculated by applying the OASIS rules to the meeting 
attendance that is tracked in the minutes or the calendar. This is a 
little bit more complicated than just having that information in the 
minutes directly. But I think what is of interest is not so much what 
was the situation in the past, but what is situation before each call. 
And that can be easily found on TC'c roster page.

[ ... ]

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