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Subject: Office Requirements SC meeting


And apologies for the temporary absence.  Particularly with
yesterday's TC meeting discussion about the formation of new
sub-committees in mind, I am conscious of the need to kick start the
work of the requirements sub-committee.  As discussed earlier I am
cross-posting this message to the main TC mailing list.

The purpose and scope of work of the sub-committee is laid out on the
public page at http://www.oasis-open.org/committees/tc_home.php?wg_abbrev=office-requirements

I would like to schedule a conference call soon.  Working on the
assumption that the time of our TC calls is at least workable for most
, if not the most convenient, I suggest that we schedule this call for
14h00 GMT on Wednesday 22 October.

Suggested agenda items from earlier discussion are:

1. Appointment of editor(s) for the report
2. Tooling requirements for collection and processing of ideas
3. Solicitation of feature ideas - who/how/when?

Please respond with any additional suggestions for the agenda and give
me some feedback about the suitability of the time.  I will then
schedule an event in the SC calendar by the end of tomorrow and send
out a formal meeting announcement.


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