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Subject: Re: [office-requirements] Re: [office] Office Requirements SC meeting

OK it starts to get complicated as usual :-)

Two factors which are guiding me here:
(1) we really should try to meet next week.  I am not available the
following week and time is trickling on.
(2) I am reluctant to play too much with the time (14h00 GMT) as I
gather this is a compromise which has worked across time zones.

If we are to accommodate Malte and Marcus then we are looking at
Monday or Friday.  We could fit in Monday back-to-back with the TC
call though this would make for a long meeting for some.
Alternatively there is Friday 24th at 14h00.

Any thoughts on either of these two options?  This would not
necessarily have to be regular slot so much as a one-off which suits
the most people.

For a regular slot, I like the idea of fitting in occasional alternate
Tuesday's (taken from the ones not being used by ODF Adoption TC
calls).  Generally I can manage 15h30 GMT.


2008/10/14 Malte Timmermann <Malte.Timmermann@sun.com>:
> Hi Bob,
> Tuesdays 14:00 GMT is fine for me - but I can't attend next week
> Tue/Wed/Thu.
> October 28 would be fine.
> Malte.
> Bob Jolliffe wrote, On 10/14/08 01:03 PM:
>> Hi Michael
>> Good point.  The alternate Tuesdays between Adoption TC meetings would
>> work.  Not that we will necessarily use all of those slots.
>> I suggest then we schedule for 14h00 on Tuesday 21 October.
>> Regards
>> Bob
>> 2008/10/14 Michael Brauer - Sun Germany - ham02 - Hamburg
>> <Michael.Brauer@sun.com>:
>>> Hi Bob,
>>> I'm sorry, but unfortunately 14h00 GMT, 22 October is exactly the date where
>>> the OASIS OIC TC has its first call. There seem to be some overlap in
>>> membership, so some of us may not be able to attend.
>>> The date of the OIC TC call cannot be moved, because it is part of the call
>>> for participation. Attendance to the first call furthermore is important to
>>> get voting rights.
>>> Would it be an option to have the call on Tuesdays? If you plan to have
>>> bi-weekly calls, then you may take the time of ODF Adoption TC, which meets
>>> on Tuesdays, but take the alternating weeks.
>>> Best regards
>>> Michael
>>> On 10/14/08 11:32, Bob Jolliffe wrote:
>>>> Greetings
>>>> And apologies for the temporary absence.  Particularly with
>>>> yesterday's TC meeting discussion about the formation of new
>>>> sub-committees in mind, I am conscious of the need to kick start the
>>>> work of the requirements sub-committee.  As discussed earlier I am
>>>> cross-posting this message to the main TC mailing list.
>>>> The purpose and scope of work of the sub-committee is laid out on the
>>>> public page at
>>>> http://www.oasis-open.org/committees/tc_home.php?wg_abbrev=office-requirements
>>>> .
>>>> I would like to schedule a conference call soon.  Working on the
>>>> assumption that the time of our TC calls is at least workable for most
>>>> , if not the most convenient, I suggest that we schedule this call for
>>>> 14h00 GMT on Wednesday 22 October.
>>>> Suggested agenda items from earlier discussion are:
>>>> 1. Appointment of editor(s) for the report
>>>> 2. Tooling requirements for collection and processing of ideas
>>>> 3. Solicitation of feature ideas - who/how/when?
>>>> Please respond with any additional suggestions for the agenda and give
>>>> me some feedback about the suitability of the time.  I will then
>>>> schedule an event in the SC calendar by the end of tomorrow and send
>>>> out a formal meeting announcement.
>>>> Regards
>>>> Bob
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