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Subject: RE: Fw: [office] meeting minutes

It's also quite painful for new TC members.

Ability to search in the archive would be helpful. I haven't found a way to
do that.

Also, being able to download the archives so that I can search them locally
would be a terrific help.  I have been given tips about that, but I haven't
succeeded in having the server cough up an archive yet.

 - Dennis

PS: Meanwhile, I end up revisiting things that have been disposed of
already, relying on my long-suffering committee-member peers to correct me.

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From: David Faure [mailto:faure@kde.org] 
Sent: Monday, October 13, 2008 14:40

[ ... ]
It is often quite difficult to find _which_ meeting minutes answer a given
Often the question is sent by email to the TC list, and the answer is in
the meeting minutes of *some* meeting later on, but not necessarily the next
it can sometimes take a few months before we get to that question...
I was looking today at whether a given question from a long time ago
had been answered during a call, and that turns out to be rather tedious,
since it means reading all the meeting minutes after the question was asked.
For a TC member with a local mail archive this is doable (filter on subject,
filter on contents); for outsiders it's almost impossible AFAIK.
But I don't really have a proposal for how to improve this, actually, this
isn't a
complaint at all, it was merely a +1 on the note that things are more
for non-TC-members.

[ ... ]

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