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Subject: RE: FW: [office] Tools for Tracking - Version Identification at the Feature Level

I agree that using tools with respect to schema changes would be great for
making sure that those levels of changes and introduction of new elements
and attributes and attribute values (and defaults) are caught.

I am also concerned with semantic changes that are not caught this way, and
for that we need to deal with the text too.  

More to think about.  Thanks.  I do think that the use of mechanical aids
would be invaluable.  My thoughts turn to generating the spec (or such parts
of it) from a database, rather than mining the spec, but I am a little
afraid to follow that thinking very far.

 - Dennis

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Sent: Tuesday, October 14, 2008 00:04
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Subject: Re: FW: [office] Discussion Requested - Version Identification at
the Feature Level

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Some time ago I have developed an XSLT style sheet that lists the 
elements, attributes and attribute values of an ODF schema in a 

One could apply this style sheet to the ODF 1.1 schema and the ODF 1.2 
schema. The result would be one sheet that summarized the elements and 
attributes of ODF 1.1, and another one that summarizes those of ODF 1.2. 
I'm not a spreadsheet expert, but believe it should be possible to 
compare these two so that one gets a table which for each element and 
attributes states whether the element or attribute is new, or whether 
its value changed. Since the table representation of spreadsheet and 
text document does not differ, one could simply copy the spreadsheet 
data into the ODF specification itself as an appendix.

Well, it should also be possible to do the comparison by XSLT itself, 
but I don't have something for this at the moment.

One does not get all changes we made to ODF 1.2 this way, but I believe 
most of them. In any case, using this as a start seems to be much easier 
than collecting the information manually.

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